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Guru Gobind Singh College of Education (For Women)
Guru Gobind Singh College of Education (For Women) Building................, the nation builders.
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College also provides the facility of hostel. The hostel complex comprises of an elegant rooms equipped with excellent furniture, ceiling fans and air conditions. Facility of geysers is also available for hot water in winters. It has an ultra modern mess with hygienic & aesthetic dinning hall.

Guru Gobind Singh College of Education - Hostel Guru Gobind Singh College of Education - Hostel

 Hostel Rules:

  1. The parents and authorized guardians only can visit the college/hostel to see their wards on the fixed days only.
  2. Students are not allowed to see the visitors without prior permission of the principal/warden.
  3. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the hostel.
  4. Allotment of the rooms is done by the hostel warden.
  5. If the conduct of the students is not satisfactory they can be turned out from the hostel.
  6. Light and fans must be switched off when not in use. Students found keeping lights on in their absence from the room will be fined for their mistake.
  7. The use of any kind of electrical appliance like heater, rod, iron or stove etc, is not allowed in the hostel. Disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.
  8. All reports of thefts etc. (if any) should be made to the hostel warden immediately. The residents are advised to keep their belongings locked up. They will not be allowed to keep expensive jewellery or cash exceeding Rs. 200/- with them.
  9. Walls, doors and furniture should not be defaced with pencil and ink marks or scrubbing.
  10. Shouting, hooting, voilent knocking or any other etc. movements or behaviour that is likely to cause disturbance is strictly prohibited.
  11. Removal of electric holders, electric bulbs from the room is punishable with a heavy fine.
  12. An order of the principal of warden convey through the peon shall be immediately obeyed.
  13. All the hostel residents shall dine in the Mess Dinning Hall.On no account shall a border order a servant to serve her meals in her own room. Only in case of sickness boarder will be served meals in her own room.
  14. Meals are served at fixed hours.Late comers will not be served any food.
  15. Residents shall not take the hostel utensils to their rooms other than the utensils belonging to them.
  16. Mess charges must be paid upto 10th of every month.
  17. The parents/guardians will not be allowed to meet their wards during working hours except in the case of emergency.
  18. No day scholar will be allowed to visit the hostel.
  19. The parents/guardians are not allowed to stay with their wards in the hostel.