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Guru Gobind Singh College of Education (For Women)
Guru Gobind Singh College of Education (For Women) Building................, the nation builders.

Principal Desk

The long and ancient journey of man from Paleolithic time to space age is, no doubt, history. But have you ever pondered over the force which propelled him on this road of progress? Manipulated him from one age to the other, this force was “Education”. In his heart to do something new, something adventurous which is rejuvenscent in his marvelous feats of achievement one after the other.
In the fast changing scenario in the field of Management and Technology Education, there is need of teachers who are knowledge and competent. We ought to break in them the formation of knowledge, also make them learn and how to learn. Pragmatically train them discovering the facts and co-relate the information with their daily life. Above all, showing their talents, inner qualities, intellectuality and creativity.

I am happy to congratulate you on this happy occasion of your joining this college. With best wishes.

S.Gurmail singh

S. Gurmail Singh
Principal (Off.)