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Guru Gobind Singh College of Education (For Women)
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Student Support

Financial Assistance to the Students
All types of State, Center and University Scholarships are tenable in the college. Fee concessions are awarded to the deserving students from the student aid fund. All students belonging to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe/Other Backward Classes will get application form for Government of India/State Government Scholarships from the department concerned and submit them duly completed within one week from the date of admission. The application for the fee concession should be made at the time of admission and must be attached to the admission form. No such application will be entertained later on. The Income Certificate of parent should be duly certified by the concerning authority. The applicants for the fee concession shall be interviewed by the Principal and the Fee Committee on the notified dates. Fee concession, stipends and scholarships of all the categories are liable to be withdrawn, if a student deteriorates in studies/remains irregular in attendance or is found guilty of misbehavior.

Book Bank

The institution has book bank facility. Book bank facility is provided to the needy students. They are provided with complete set of text books as per the syllabus. The students can procure books for the entire session on the recommendation of the library committee.

Remedial Classes

Remedial classes are arranged for slow learners in which they are given adequate practice work. Quick revision points prepared by the faculty are also used for their improvement in examination.

Enrichment programmes  Enrichment programmes in the form of extra assignments, projects and responsibilities are provided to the advanced learners that promote their academic excellence and help them to achieve good positions in the university exam.