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Students Council

Student Council is a student-based organization designed to help and promote college spirit and leadership among students.


  1. To have student representation in the functioning of college.
  2. To maintain discipline in the classes.
  3. To conduct activities of the B.Ed. & M.Ed. program smoothly.
  4. To develop positive attitudes and to practice good citizenship.
  5. To promote harmonious relations throughout the entire college.
  6. To improve student/faculty relationships.
  7. To improve college morale and general welfare.
  8. To provide a forum for student expression.
  9. To develop sense of communities among students.
  10. Maintain open communication between students and college staff.
  11. Train students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship.


  • Regular meetings with members of student Council.
  • Giving instructions in the classes
  • Help in conducting academic, sports and cultural activities smoothly.
  • Communication and co-operation with college staff.
  • Co-operating with staff on the development of college rules and regulations
  • Making suggestions about improving college facilities.
  • Help in extra-curricular activities organized by different clubs, committees and cells.

There are many more activities in which Student Council can be involved. The different activities of SC are funded by Principal with due consent of management committee.

Executive Members of Student Council (2015-16)

Dr. N.R. Sharma                                                     Chairperson/ Principal

Mrs. Kulwinder Kaur & Mrs. Anku Bala           Teacher In-charges

Mr. Shammi Narang                                              Treasurer

Ms. Gagandeep Kaur                                            Discipline Committee incharge

Members of Student Council: 

  1. President
  2. Vice President.
  3. 8 Student Members.
  4. Co- Treasurer (Student).
Sr. No. Name of Student Roll No. Designation
1. Jagveer Kaur (M.Ed.) 13 President
2. Priya Vatsa (B.Ed.) 77 Vice-President
3. Pawandeep Kaur (M.Ed.) 4 Member
4. Jaspreet Kaur (B.Ed.) 161 Member
5. Sita Rani (B.Ed.) 62 Member
6. Palak (B.Ed.) 170 Member
7. Amandeep Kaur (B.Ed.) 23 Member
8. Smile (B.Ed.) 119 Member
9. Rupinder Kaur (B.Ed.) 24 Member
10. Ritu (B.Ed.) 16 Member
11. Vandana (B.Ed.) 3 Co-treasurer